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A High Grade Quality Spirulina Year Round.

The Spirulina

The purity and efficacy of a superior quality spirulina, originating from a technology that makes all the difference. Today, A3Nat spirulina from Xelliss has an exceptional nutritional richness that is unique on the marketplace.

 Thanks to our cultivation in photobioreactors, a patented and award-winning state-of-the-art technology, we guarantee a microalgae of consistently high quality throughout the year, able to meet the growing nutritional needs of our consumers.

Several years of research and development have enabled us to obtain such a level of performance that we control all the parameters essential to the optimal growth of spirulina in order to obtain a high-grade raw material for the creation of innovative and exclusive products for our customers.

Our production universe is a reflection of our company and can be summed up in 3 words: control, performance and quality.
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Brings Tone and Vitality

Spirulina alone contains 4 major classes of dietary antioxidants, the roles of which on health are well established

Source of Quality Protein and Amino Acids

Spirulina is an impressive cocktail of liposoluble and hydrosoluble vitamins!

Helps Support the Immune System

It is a formidable source of proteins, minerals, trace elements, fats, fibres, vitamins, pigments...


Phycocyanin is a cyan blue protein specific to spirulina.
A unique, innovative blend with a high phycocyanin content for an incomparable boost effect!

Discover the combination of two ingredients of exceptional quality, 100% natural, combining the sensory (and nutritional) quality of an outstanding thousand flower honey with a spirulina extract rich in native phycocyanin derived from our photobioreactors.

Native phycocyanin derived from our photobioreactors, PhycoSci XTREME!® sachet has been designed for those moments in life that require a lot of energy.
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Xelliss Cafe Europa Pods

Europa Expresso Coffee

Taste the combination of an Arabica and a High Quality Spirulina!
Europa Espresso Coffee is a traditional balanced coffee that espresso lovers will appreciate. Experience an EUROPA® Espresso coffee at home or at the office. A premium, selection of blends and flavors to spark your senses and delight your palate. Europa capsules are compatible with any Nespresso® or similar type of single-use espresso cartridge machine for home use and enjoy its unique taste.

To see and feel the benefits of X3 MicroBiome®, simply add one sachet of the tasteless powder into your favorite morning beverage and go about your day as usual. That’s it.

~ No big or awkward pills to swallow...
~ No need to kill yourself at the gym...
~ No need to deprive yourself of the foods you love.

Fast, easy and comfortable weight loss like you've never experienced before

You can shrink your waist while boosting your mood and energy without making any drastic changes to your diet or lifestyle
Xelliss X3 MicroBiome

We guarantee a purity both bacteriologically and chemically one.

Brigitte, Xelliss Scientific Department
A3NAT: The new generation of High-Grade spirulina cultivated in photobioreactors
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